The Ulster Canal Greenway Project

The Ulster Canal Greenway is a fantastic new asset to Monaghan Town. It is a 4.2 km path that skirts the town along the old Ulster canal. It is graded as an ‘easy’ route, suitable for the moderately fit, and is accessible to wheelchair users. The Greenway is available to all non motorized forms of traffic including; cyclists, joggers, strollers and casual walkers!

There are a number of interesting Heritage structures along the route including three bridges, a lock house and two locks. The lock house has undergone a re-modeling in the past number of years and a team from Monaghan Tidy Towns have helped to plant a garden that will yield fruit including apples, gooseberries and blackcurrants, as well as plants which are used in traditional home medicines such as marigolds and lavender.

The greenway is host to a wonderful array of bio-diversity and with over 100 years of uncultivated land banks it provides a unique wildlife corridor. The Corridor has a fantastic variety of birds, bees, bats, mammals, trees and hedgerows along the path to make every journey interesting. If you would like to find out more please visit

The Greenway is free to use and is open 24/ 7, if you would like to get further information on the development of the Greenway please visit