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  • Drumgoask , Milltown
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Greenfingers Garden Centre was established in 1979.

“A gardeners paradise”, initially, Greenfingers operated as a small potted plant and flower shop.  Over the last 37 years we have produced wonderful spring and summer bedding plants for the local market.  By producing high quality plants and delivering a professional service we offer our customers excellent quality, value for money and service.

Greenfingers Flowers

Our aim is to provide all the care lines that are required for your garden but in a garden centre located on your door step.

Greenfingers 351-truck

At the garden centre we offer garden plants, trees, roses, alpines, fruit trees, fruit bushes and shrubs as well as chemicals, fertilizers, peat bark mulch, tools, containers, hanging baskets, vegetable plants and seeds.

Greenfingers growing-plants

As we grow 90% of our own shrubs and bedding we can guarantee quality and freshness. Ensuring top quality plants at affordable prices some of our products include, trees, shrubs, alpines, herbacious plants, roses, fruit bushes and trees, mulches, insecticides, chemicals, flowers, plant bulbs, vegetable plants and seeds, cacti, bonzi trees, compost, vegetables and plants in season, bedding plants, all available at Greenfingers Nursery Monaghan at very affordable prices.

Greenfingers 8dt-lots-flowers

We also provide a selected amount of top quality garden furniture, garden pots and baskets, indoor and outdoor pots, indoor and outdoor plants, garden tools, garden accessories, all available at Greenfingers Garden Centre Monaghan.

Greenfingers Pots

Further Information can be found on our website, just click the link provided.