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Green Ribbon Walk At The Coillte Forest Park In Rossmore.

The 7th annual “Green Ribbon -Let’s Talk & Walk” series of walks are taking place throughout Ireland at Coillte Forest Parks and trails during May 2019 to promote the Green Ribbon and raise awareness to improve mental health.

Just like the pink ribbon became a symbol for breast cancer awareness the Green Ribbon has been established as the international symbol for mental health awareness and has been introduced to Ireland by See Change.

The national Let’s Talk & Walk – Green Ribbon walks are hosted by Coillte in collaboration with IFA, Mental Health Ireland and See Change.

The Monaghan event is hosted by Coillte in association with Monaghan IFA at Rossmore Forest Park on Sunday, May 12th 2019 at 3.00pm
Rossmore Forest Park is 3.5km south west of Monaghan town

The events provides an opportunity for friends, families and communities to connect with one another whilst being mindful of their own and others’ mental health and wellbeing enjoying two things inherent to us in Ireland….Nature and Talking!”

We are all keen to drive the health agenda encouraging people to enjoy the walks in forest parks and trails throughout the country which can deliver a range of physical and mental health benefits to the people who use them.

After the walks it will be time for tea, cake and chat.

This is not a fund raising event– It is an awareness campaign.

Car parking is free of charge and All are welcome to attend