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Rossmore – Your Forest, Your Park

Friends of Rossmore Litter pick

Saturday morning saw an eager group of 25-30 volunteers search the bushes, hedgerows, lakes and streams of Rossmore Forest Park for discarded litter. The group, led by Sinead O’Reilly of Friends of Rossmore Forest Park, met at 10 AM with one objective, clean up the Park.

Monaghan Municipal District, who have conducted excellent work clearing and reinstating the pathways along the walking trails giving much greater access to many more areas of the park, assisted the litter pick by providing new equipment and refreshments for the group.

Due to the improvements in the Rossmore Forest Park more and more people are using the park on a daily and weekly basis. With greater patronage of the Park we are asking that people act in a responsible manner when using the Park and take their litter home with them.

Rossmore Park is an amenity area for all visitors and we ask that if you take food & beverages out to the Park that you take it home with you.